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GlassMasking paint provides an attractive alternative to unsightly papered windows

Due to a recent high-volume of GlassMask orders we are experiencing a 3 week back-log. Orders are being processed in the order they are received.

We deeply apologize for this temporary inconvenience!


GlassMask Information

  • Is a paint-like product that is applied to glass windows with a roller. When it dries (within approximately 45 minutes) it can be easily peeled off.
  • GlassMask is specifically designed to provide temporary privacy for vacated glassed areas. GlassMask offers an attractive alternative to papered windows. Shopping Centers, Realty and Construction companies use GlassMask on vacated store windows, or glassed areas under construction.

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Entrance with Black GlassMask

Store front with partial White GlassMask

  • GlassMask is available in the following colors: Black, Green, White, Keen Blue & Clear. Black dries to an opaque finish. Green, White and Keen Blue dry to a semi-translucent finish (allowing light in). Clear is for customers who want a specific colored window. The window is first painted with Clear GlassMask - then lastly, your preferred color latex paint is applied.

    Glass Mask Color Chart

  • Painter using GlassMask
  • Black is our most popular color. It is the easiest to apply - as roller lines are not an issue.
    Also, the color Black is not as noticeable on storefronts, as the lighter colors.
  • (1) gallon of GlassMask covers approximately 375 sq.ft.
  • GlassMask is water based and non-toxic. Wear gloves and a mask for protection.
  • View a video: How to Apply GlassMask.
  • Safety Data Sheets available upon request. Call: 972-286-7890


  • Complete our Online Order Form. NOTE: New GlassMask orders are suspended until May 1 2019
  • GlassMask is sold by the gallon
    (1) shipping box holds (4) gallons
    Minimum sale: (1) gallon.
  • Orders received by noon - will usually ship out the same day.
  • UPS Ground Deliveries (during the warmer months) - take approximately 3 - 4 working days.

Shipments in Winter

  • GlassMask freezes in cold weather - and is rendered permanently unusable. We urge our customers to place their anticipated winter orders - in the summer. During freezing weather, we recommend using Overnight Delivery. We assume no responsibility, or liability for delivered shipments that are rendered unusable from freezing.


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